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Conference Theme

UDT 2024

The Undersea Challenge

UDT 2024, in London offers an ideal opportunity and a unique forum to explore all aspects of underwater defence and security in these challenging times. This expert-driven conference focusing on 'The Undersea Challenge' seeks to lead, provoke, and disrupt the scientific and technological debate across the entirety of this space.

Authors are encouraged to submit technical and scientific papers for UDT 2024 that advance the understanding of those engaged in the underwater defence and security community in its broadest sense. Papers that explore all aspects of defence and security within all areas of the underwater domain will be welcomed.

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The Undersea Challenge

Rapid advances in digital and autonomous technology – particularly in Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS), advanced sensing and computing – continue to drive and accelerate change in the underwater domain across the globe. Increased diversity in commercial and military activity at, in and beneath the sea also compounds, complicates and increases the range of threats faced underwater. This continues to drive the need for rapid improvements in the technology supporting underwater defence activity. Publicity of attacks on Critical Underwater Infrastructure has increased the awareness of vulnerabilities across the sector, but also increased opportunities for innovative thought and technology to address these threats.

Submission topics

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Taking a customer-centric view, UDT 2024 will explore the technologies shaping the future undersea landscape and facilitate sharing of information and ideas between all parties that work in the development and exploitation of undersea defence technology. Speaker Applications are now available and you can submit your paper on one of our four key focus areas.

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Submission deadline: Monday 30 October 2023

The UDT Committee will review all submissions once the speaker applications are closed. Applicants will be notified of their submission’s acceptance status by late November 2023.

"The UDT conference was very well organised and stimulating, with a number of excellent speakers and an opportunity to meet with industry colleagues and decision-makers in defence."

- Simon Petitt, Complex System Product Lead, Atlas Elektronik UK