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Conference Theme

UDT 2024

Mastering undersea challenges: innovation and resilience in a complex domain

At UDT 2024, held in London, attendees had the perfect opportunity and a unique forum to explore all aspects of underwater defense and security in challenging times. Our expert-driven technical conference aimed to lead, provoke, and disrupt the scientific and technological debate across the entirety of this space. Throughout the three days of content, speakers discussed technical and scientific papers addressing the overarching conference theme, 'Mastering undersea challenges: innovation and resilience in a complex domain' across seven focus areas

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Key areas of discussion:

Our meticulously curated program, featuring compelling paper presentations and insightful panel discussions, helped to navigate the landscape of challenges and advancements. For a streamlined experience, we outlined the following seven focus areas to guide attendees through this journey:

Uncrewed & Autonomous

This focus area explores the role of autonomy as a force multiplier in extending the undersea battlespace. Expect discussions on how autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) swarms, intelligent anti-submarine warfare (ASW) platforms, and underwater charging stations are revolutionizing defence and security in the depths. 

Sonar & Communication  

This focus area explores advancements in underwater acoustic technologies and communication systems. Sessions will explore cutting-edge sonar tech like fiber-optic arrays, low-frequency active sonar to learn to improve underwater situational awareness and navigate the legal landscape of underwater sound.

International collaboration

This session looks at a strategic aspect on combatting the undersea challenges. It explores international collaboration in underwater defence, examining successful models for joint research and development of cutting-edge technologies. Expect exciting announcement as well as engagement tips and opportunities.

Underwater Effectors 

This focus area delves into both the offensive and defensive capabilities of underwater tools, from autonomous cable monitors and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), alongside innovative solutions for neutralizing subsurface threats like net-based attacks. It highlights the critical role of underwater effectors in safeguarding vulnerable assets and manoeuvring strategically in the complex undersea domain.


This content area provides a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in underwater vehicle technology. The session will deep dive into cutting-edge tech for underwater vehicles, from stealthy materials and efficient propulsion to advanced sensors and next-gen weapons. It will also explore platforms systems that accelerate their capabilities and provide operational advantage.

AI & Data 

This focus area navigates potential of AI and data in the underwater domain. Expect discussions on harnessing AI for faster operations, smarter control rooms, and efficient data management, while navigating the challenges of imperfect information at murky depths.

Mine Counter Measures & Diving

This content area addresses advanced technologies and strategies related to mine detection, sweeping, and diving operations. Experts will provide insights on cutting-edge tech like autonomous minesweeping drones and aerial magnetic detection alongside discussions on diver safety and advanced rebreathers for deeper, safer operations. 

Importance of the 2024 theme:

Rapid advances in digital and autonomous technology – particularly in Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS), advanced sensing and computing – continue to drive and accelerate change in the underwater domain across the globe. Increased diversity in commercial and military activity at, in and beneath the sea also compounds, complicates and increases the range of threats faced underwater.

This continues to drive the need for rapid improvements in the technology supporting underwater defence activity. Publicity of attacks on Critical Underwater Infrastructure has increased the awareness of vulnerabilities across the sector, but also increased opportunities for innovative thought and technology to address these threats.

"The UDT conference was very well organised and stimulating, with a number of excellent speakers and an opportunity to meet with industry colleagues and decision-makers in defence."

- Simon Petitt, Complex System Product Lead, Atlas Elektronik UK